OGMO is an architecture & design firm. We are specialised in housing market, taking care of the individual houses, neighborhoods and regions. But at heart, we design with a free-thinking state of mind to improve the livability of urban environments with the human dimension as our focus.

OGMO Partners

Different backgrounds, one direction.

Olga Gumienna is specialized in residential architecture. She received her education at universities in Poland and abroad – Wroclaw University of Technology, Politenico di Torino and Technische Universiteit Delft. During her studies, she was a long-term recipient of the Rector’s Award for Best Students. Her engineering thesis, written under the supervision of Dr. Tomasz Glowacki, was awarded in the international competition The Tomb of Tomorrow. Together with Marcin Osak, in 2018 she received an honorable mention in the international student competition for the design of the Museum of Hebraism in Prague.


Marcin Osak received his bachelor’s degree in architecture and urban planning from the Technical University of Wrocław in Poland. For his masters, he moved to Delft, where he graduated from the TU Faculty of Architecture at the studio ‘Complex Projects’ in 2021. With Marcin, OGMO has someone on board who can interpret a request for proposal in surprising ways and who thinks outside the box if a design benefits from it. He has a keen eye for ‘honest design’ and does not shy away from extremes.


2020 Honorable Mention Innatur 9 International Competition

2021 Honorable Mention in Builder Competition for Young Architects

2021 Honorable Mention in City&Rest Competition

2018 Honorable Mention in International Competition for Prague Ebraic Museum